Give Me Love (Live George Harrison Cover)


As part of an evening of sacred song and mantra at London’s Shaw Theatre, we payed tribute to the music of George Harrison, covering his song ‘Give Me Love’.

George Harrison has touched the lives of countless people through his music. When I asked the diverse audience how many felt that he had significantly impacted their life, almost all 450 put their hands up. His thoughtful, deep and insightful lyrics continue to resonate and inspire.

This song touches my heart in its sincere expression of surrender ‘Give me hope, help me cope with this heavy load; trying to touch and reach you, with heart and soul.’ We paired it with the mantra ‘Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama’, a similar expression of refuge in the grace of God.

N.B: Contrary to popular assumption, I am not biologically related to George Harrison! However our lives are connected in other ways through my spiritual upbringing and vocation as a musician.

Shammi Pithia: Keys/Flute/Percussion
Ben Hazleton: Double Bass
Mali Harrison: Percussion/Vocals
Madhva Anderson: Percussion
Balarama Perez: Percussion
Matt Coldrick: Guitar/Vocals
Ananda Monet: Vocals
Caitanya Cintamani: Vocals
Jahnavi Harrison: Violin/Vocals

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